What is İnstant Transaction (INTR)

About İnstant Transaction (INTR)

Instant Transactions offers a unique trading experience with the next generation NFT platform
Instant Transactions is a next-generation protocol for trading gas-free Ethereum NFTs that provides instant trade confirmation, massive scalability, and transparency to users. Instant Transactions is to develop breakthrough innovations in the printing and trading of Ethereum NFTs.

We are building a massive platform
for the future of NFT trading

An Unlimited Exchange Protocol Instant Transactions allows NFTs to be traded in an open, decentralized ecosystem secured by Ethereum.

Zero gas fees for peer-to-peer trading. Set your own transaction fees. No risk of detention; users store their private keys. Scalability up to 9,000+ TPS.

It is protected by Ethereum. A true L2 inheriting L1's security. Any NFT created or traded on Instant Transactions is 100% carbon neutral.

What is Crypto?

Problems & Solutions


Low Scalability

To maintain its security and decentralization, Ethereum provides a low throughput compared to traditional databases.The massive increase in activity in Ethereum therefore causes network congestion and slow transaction times.

Poor User Experience

Currently, the user experience of NFT trading on Ethereum is not publicly available. Transactions take minutes or hours to be confirmed and are often unsuccessful.

Low Developer Experience

Currently, NFT application or marketplace developers spend most of their development time building and configuring the blockchain components of their projects. This keeps them from working towards creating a wonderful and unique experience for their users, built around real asset ownership.

Low liquidity

NFTs are less liquid than their exchangeable ERC-20 counterparts. Each NFT must be bought and sold based on its unique ID. So to bid 1 ETH for each NFT you would potentially have to open hundreds of buy orders – and these orders do not include newly minted NFTs.



Instant Transactions uses a ZK Digest: we take thousands of off-chain trades, create proof that all of those trades are valid , and then publish that proof on-chain where it's verified. with a smart contract. During this process, on-chain user assets are held in the smart contract and can only be released after a valid proof containing them is published in bulk. Currently, trading is broken on the Ethereum network.

The network currently supports around 150,000 free token transactions per day at 30% network usage. Instant Transactions plan is to support more than 200 million transactions per day while consuming less than 30% of Ethereum's capacity.

Trades can sometimes fail (returning assets back to their owners instead of trading) and processing times are largely inconsistent, sometimes taking more than an hour. These are not only annoying for users trying to trade, but can cause problems for developers building on the network. In addition, developers are unable to sustainably produce NFTs, which makes it impossible for projects to properly fundraise to continue expanding and create more content for their users.Instant Transactions will make building games, apps and exchanges viable on Ethereum.



A unique trading experience with Instant Transactions new generation NFT platform privileges .

Instant Transactions engine supports over 9,000 transactions per second. Neither you nor your users pay gas fees to print or exchange assets.

We commit zero knowledge proof to Ethereum so that users can verify and withdraw their assets at any time. Don't let asset creation and modification fees limit what you can do. Our pricing is affordable and transparent for all meta systems.


Instant Transactions, The best technology, on the best blockchain.

August 2020
Confirmation of market research and technical feasibility
March 2021
Completion of market research, team building, product development
September 2021
Platform models production initiation and testing phases Publish the project whitepaper
October 2021
PRIVATE Pre- Sales Start
December 2021
PRIVATE Pre- Sales End
JUNE 2022
PUBLIC Pre- Sales STARTS -For 3days
JULY 2022
Launch the Platform
Token Distribution

Token Sale Stats

There will be a total of 100,000,000 INTR created, issued and distributed. The INTR token will be distributed in the following areas:



ICO Details (ICO will start in)

INTR Token pre-sales will start on October 10, 2021 and end on December 30, 2021. Pre-sales consist of 1 phase.

Initial Value: 0.01 USDT

Symbol: INTR

Acceptable currencies: ETH, BNB, USDT

Total Supply: 100.000000 INTR

Number of tokens for sale: 43.000000 INTR (43%)

Contract Address: 0x47b76fccf30ba40e873e8c6dab3f0a4728326246


Creative Team

Meet our team, each of whom is an expert in the field of blockchain


Creative and
Dedicated People


Years of combined experience


Years of blockchain experience

Levan Abasi
CEO & Founder
Irakli Lomizde
Senior Blockchain - Software Engineer
Ava Beridze
Software development
Zurab Kapanadze
Software engineer
Amelia Gelashvili
Web Designer
Tamaz Dumbazde